About the Stars

Meet David

David the Safari Guide is David Kalama of Nairobi, Kenya. He is the owner and operator of Kalama Photographic Safaris (Kalama Safaris – African Wildlife and Photographic Safaris). David has a strong connection to animals and with it a deep desire to protect them. Watching him communicate with the elephants was simply extraordinary. It was not a far stretch for me to believe he could help Ruby connect with Baby. Now you know that the story of Ruby and Baby really is 94 1/2 % true... with just a bit of imagination added to bring it to life!

Queen Boudica, the Warrior Kitty (a.k.a., Baby) lived with her mom-person since being adopted in 2005. Her home, a sunny apartment in a quiet area, gave her the view of a beautiful marsh. Baby woke up each morning purring and fell asleep at night purring. We miss her every day.

Ruby was inspired by all the little elephants Baby's mom-person met on safari in Africa (one in particular is pictured here). Like all elephants, Ruby's mama and her family are her entire world. They eat, sleep and play and stick together.